! I am Hassan Ahmed, A passionate, Innovative, skilled and highly effective senior graphic Designer and multimedia developer based in Alexandria, Egypt. My passion for creation exceeded the purpose of having fun it became my soul language and my beloved way of showing emotions, I see, hear and feel thing with only my eyes! Till it became every story in my life has a design and every design


in my life has a story! A lovely loop I want to stay stuck into forever! Mr Hassan also has an extensive experience in visual art and 3D modeling. An expert with Adobe Creative Suite, Cinema 4D, World Creator and Daz Studio, with over 8 years of experience using these programs. Excellent thriver when working on large, long-term projects such as marketing campaigns, social media designs and commercials from inception to execution. Besides the vast knowledge and experience in graphic design


industry, Also familiar with working on a variety of projects from social media content to comprehensive rebranding projects. Coachable and highly creative with the ability to work well within a team. Also have an extensive experience in managing other designers and coordinating with them to deliver better than expected production.






Past and Current Clients